Real-Time Performance Dashboard

Keep track of your digital business with our all-in-one performance dashboard.


Monitor Everything

A dashboard to visualize data from everything from analytics, to sales, social, and online reviews.


Automated & Alerts

Monitor metrics even when you’re away from your dashboards with alerts via email or SMS.


Easy to setup and manage

From zero to data in under 5 minutes with pre-populated widgets.

Keep track of your business

We understand at Divergence that monitoring your digital is vital to your business success. This is why we have developed a suite of packages that include our real-time dashboard. The performance dashboard enables you to monitor and visualise your digital business with ease.

Used by thousands of business, our real time dashboard solution keep you up to date on the performance of your digital investment. Whether you wish to track social engagements, your online shopping interations or customer performance of your website, our online dashboard solution allows you to keep track of your performance.

With automated reporting you will never lose track of all your interactions across hundreds of touch points online. Our dashboard supports 15 languages allowing you to use the langauage of your choice.

The dashboard is completely customeisiable built to allow you to drag and drop your reports and display them in any way you like.

If you are interested in this product, check out our website packages today and look one that include a performace dashboard.

Real-time Dashboard

Connect your data

With over 100 integrations and 250+ metrics included out of the box


Google Analytics

Keep on top of customer engagement.


Google Ads

Keep track of your ad performance.



Keep on top of engagement and ad tracking.



Track your Twitter engagement and ad performance.



Subscriptions to newsletters and EDM engagment tracking.



Track sales through your online store.