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Does my hosting location affect SEO?

Posted by Richard Denver on 19 Jul 2021.

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Does where I host my website impact my search ranking? Can I successfully compete within my market if I am hosting my website outside of my country? Is the location of my website important? How can I find out where my website is being hosted? These are some of the areas that we will cover off in this article to ensure that you are across the history of the locational information used by today's search engines.


How important are business reviews on SEO?

Posted by Richard Denver on 12 Jul 2021.

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With the existance of business reviews appearing in Google search results, should you activate your Google reviews? Will you get more or less business by doing so? What do you have to benefit and what are the risks? These are some of the decisions that online business' need to make today. Is it worth it? Will my business benefit and how important are business reviews on my SEO?


Does speed & usability of a site affect SEO?

Posted by Richard Denver on 05 Jul 2021.

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Does the proliferation of screen available for today's users call for a change in the way we develop and the way that Google ranks websites for users? Are websites that are designed and developed to cater for a multitude of screens given a preference over sites that still cater for just desktop users? Do I need to focus on the speed and usability of my website? These are just some of the questions we cover in this article.